Hidden Stream Farm

Farmer Owners Eric & Lisa Klein plus Ben, Andy, Katy, Sarah, Isaac and April Klein

Elgin, Minnesota (1.45 hours from Valley Natural Foods)


Product Overview: Hidden Stream Farm produces organically-raised pork and grass-fed beef for Valley Natural Foods, using no antibiotics, growth hormones or MSG.

In operation since 1997
“Down in the Valley” Partners since 2006

“We want to see the whole local food system succeed.”

Lisa Klein grew up with six siblings on Hidden Stream Farm, not far from limestone bluffs and deep ravines of Whitewater State Park in southeast Minnesota. She enjoyed helping her father raise crops and care for their dairy herd. Future husband Eric grew up on a small hobby farm in Delaware. When Lisa married Eric in 1997, they joined rural values and skills in growing their own family from Lisa’s farm roots.

Pigs have become the stars of Hidden Stream Farm. The Kleins raise their pigs in a Swedish “deep- bedded environment,” a hoop structure that provides shade and cooling breezes in the summer. Their happy healthy pigs are able to root in the summer dirt, as well as snuggle into deep insulating straw bedding in the winter. Their system enables them to raise healthy pigs without antibiotics.

The Kleins raise corn, barley and hay on their rolling green hills to feed their pigs and cattle. There is also ample pasture for their grass-fed beef. By moving their cows to fresh pasture every day, Eric and Lisa are able to raise healthy drug-free animals while nourishing their rich, productive land. Fresh pasture and clean air eliminate the need for antibiotics or hormones that many larger farmers must use to raise fast-growing animals in a feedlot setting.

As if raising 1,000 pigs, 100 cows and six kids are not enough to fill a day; the Kleins also raise seven batches of chickens from April through October, selling 3,000 healthy chickens per year. Eric and Lisa do their part towards a healthy local economy by using family-run processing plants. They offer their home-raised meat and poultry to discerning chefs in Twin Cities, Stillwater and Winona restaurants, along with fresh vegetables and fruit naturally grown by their neighbors. And satisfied customers can count on seeing the whole Hidden Stream Farm family weekly at Rochester and Plainview farmers’ markets.

Hidden Stream Farm and family are growing slowly to keep quality and customer satisfaction high. Eric and Lisa are satisfied in knowing that, “We are providing healthy food for our customers and we are able to make a living on a small farm while raising our kids. Our hope is that more and more people recognize the importance of healthy fresh food, even when it is not always the cheapest way to go. We would love to see more young people get into farming and raising local foods.”