Ferndale Market

Dick & Jane Peterson, Second Generation Owners
John & Erica Peterson, Third Generation Owners

31659 County 24 Boulevard, Cannon Falls, Minnesota (45 minutes from Valley Natural Foods)


Product Overview: Fresh Ferndale Market turkeys are available year round at Valley Natural Foods. Ground turkey, turkey breast, turkey tenderloins, turkey sausages and whole turkeys are pre-packaged or available at our meat counter. You can also pre-order a Thanksgiving turkey to pick up fresh at our co-op. All Ferndale Market turkeys are free-range, hormone and antibiotic-free and processed naturally at a USDA facility in Marshall, MN, without added salt, oil, water or any other additives.

Turkey farm and hatchery in operation since 1939
Ferndale Market (on-farm retail store) opened in 2008
“Down in the Valley” Partners since 2009

Good Food, Sustainable Living: “It’s turkey like I remember.”

In 1939, Dale Peterson chose rolling land dotted with beautiful trees to do what he knew best: raise turkeys. In the early years in rural Cannon Falls, Dale shared a residence with incubators and the sound of day-old turkeys routinely filled his home, before they were ready to explore the great outdoors. Dale’s wife, Fern, had grown up raising turkeys, and although she thought she had left them forever when she left home and became a school teacher, her plans changed when she met Dale.

Dale always believed that raising quality turkeys was the best contribution he could make to the world, and his formula for success was simple. He worked hard, treated customers as family and cared deeply for both the land and his turkeys. Fern was also an avid advocate for the environment and believed that everybody had an essential role to play in preserving our earth.
Today second-generation Dick and Jane Peterson work side-by-side with eldest son John and daughter-in-law Erica Peterson in continuing family values and turkey-raising traditions. Although the days of literally sharing a home with turkeys are in the past, the Petersons are still committed to raising their birds naturally. Their heritage is evident if you visit the Ferndale farm in the summer, when you’re likely to see and hear their antibiotic-free turkeys happily spending time “on the range” in the rolling hills of the Little Cannon River Valley. Because their turkeys get moved to fresher pastures each week, you can often times “meet and greet” toms and hens basking in the sun and enjoying fresh grass in front of the Ferndale Market.

In 2008, the Petersons opened a sustainability-oriented, on-farm store focused on locally-grown and produced foods. As independent family farmers, they seek to reconnect people with healthy foods from other local farms like their own. Named in their honor, the legacy of Fern and Dale Peterson continues to nourish the mission and day-to-day operations of Ferndale Market.