Down in the Valley Fresh & Local Meat Program

Valley Natural Foods has provided healthy choices since 1977. Because we know where good food comes from we have been successful in securing important products from our local supply chain. Under the Down in the Valley label, we are now delivering healthy choices naturally.

Standards for the Fresh & Local Meat Program represented by the Down in the Valley label reflect a commitment to excellence through partnerships, craftsmanship, products and customer commitment. When you see this label on our meat products, be assured that we are serving your needs responsibly.

Fresh & Local Meat Program Standards:

  • Animals are humanely raised
  • Animals have access to clean air, sunlight and pasture
  • Animals have 24-hour access to water
  • Herds and flocks are not over-crowded
  • Farms have clean, well bedded facilities
  • Partners are local producers or processors from a tri-state area (MN, WI, IA)
  • Meat is free of added hormones, antibiotics, fillers or dyes
  • Meat labeled as Grass-Fed is 100% Grass-Fed
  • Animals are processed in a local USDA inspected facility

Read all about our current farm partners.

How Standards are Met:
Down in the Valley partners are invited to participate in the Fresh & Local Meat Program. To ensure that we are building healthy relationships for a healthy community, we personally verify standards. Verification process includes onsite walk-through of farm, feed storage, transportation methods, humane killing methods, processing facilities and product transportation. The meat manager of Valley Natural Foods conducts verification visits and the marketing department documents processes, histories and facilities with photographs, video and interviews onsite. Collected stories are shared with consumers and the greater community.